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Behon here,
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I am a Software Developer with almost a decade of experience both on the backend & frontend. Contact me so we can discuss your next application.

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Here is a list of website & apps that I have worked on in the past. See something you like? Let's talk about it.

Fortis Wave Marketing cover image

Fortis Wave Marketing

Fortis Wave is a marketing company based in Canada. They are a team of passionate individuals who thrive on connecting with people.

Dr. McCalla Dental Spa cover image

Dr. McCalla Dental Spa

D.M.D Spa is a dental company based in Jamaica. They have gathered an elite group of dental professionals to provide a world class dental experience coiled with innovation and experience.

Amity Marketing cover image

Amity Marketing

Amity Marketing is a marketing company based in Canada. They are a group of enthusiastic individuals who enjoy interacting with people.

Settings Dashboard UI cover image

Settings Dashboard UI

This is a Settings dashboard UI inspired by a design I saw on dribble. I decided to make my own version of it with the set of components I made for nuxt.

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